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ZVONČIĆI, ZVONČIĆI, zvone cijelu noć – can you guess the song?

Some say it s the most wonderful time of the year – it is, especially if you live in Zagreb and work in tourism ( you will have some many things to do and your bussines will blume ).

Ice Park – F. Borelli

ADVENT U ZAGREBU is the best European X-mas market – 3 years in a row, so we could not even apply this year to be in the competition ( that s how good we are 🙂 ) . Says who ? Says the EUROPEAN BEST DESTINATION site, and all of the happy people coming to our city to experience this wonderful time and all that it offers.

Advent on Zrinjevac – P. Čolak

Living in Zagreb is great because even if there is no snow – we go skiing. No, we are not a bunch of lunatics sliding on grass and mud – huge snow canons make snow for us and make us happy – sometimes too happy. So, yes – skiing is not some fancy expensive thing reserved only for the ones with a „deep pocket“ since the top of the Medvednica mountain – Sljeme, is only 30 minutes away from the city center.

Same slope the most famous Croatian skiers ever – Janica & Ivica Kostelić learned how to sky. Well, not necessarily that I miss snow and cold weather , because it’s easier to enjoy all of the benefits of Advent when you are not freezing hoping that when you come home your toes are not scattered frozen around the boot instead of being attached to your body.

It does not take a lot to get people out of houses – Croatians are simple people that have a long lasting „traditions“of hanging out. We love when something is happening that we can join and be a part of so we made it sure that December and January will not be boring anymore.

  • Ice skating at Tomislav square – checked
  • Eating sarma, buncek, fritule , puricu z mlincima, pašticada i gremknedle at Strossmayer Square – checked
  • Drinking mulled wine at Zrinjevac Park – checked
  • Dancing and singing at European square– checked
  • Taking hundreds of x-mas selfies, photos and videos at Grič Plateau and Grič tunnel – checked







And for all Swanky fans we prepared our own little Fairytale – SWANKY WINTER GARDEN, where a mix of good music, home atmosfere and fantastic Swanky Winter cocktails is a perfect combination for a locals and tourists. Just last week we had a small gathering for SECRET SANTA – a traditional gift giving event where each staff member picks a name from the hat and has to buy a present for that person. I must say – we were quite polite this year ( READ: no sex toys… ). But the best gift was definitely Pero – our new Swanky pet.

I think it is safe to say that we love X-Max – well, I love do…. Santa is watching – He knows if you were bad or good – SO BE GOOD, FOR GOODNESS SAKE .