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Where to stay

In my experience, traveling is always about meeting new people, trying new things, visiting interesting places, and doing fun stuff. Of course, almost everyone will share that opinion with me, but after doing all of that, don’t you just want to relax and get a good night’s sleep?!

Accommodation – the more I travel, it has become more important. Often, I find myself researching more about the place I am going to stay at, than the actual city – logical because I will explore the city, but I want to make sure that the place I am sleeping at has all the things I need/want.

So let s review it:


Booking accommodation in the city center will be more expensive – but get your calculator out and see how much will you spend at the end for uber or public transportation if you are staying further away. Often it will come to be about the same amount + it will give you more time to actually explore and not travel back and forth.


There’s only one way you can get some guarantee about these are reviews. Read them, folks, they will give you an honest insight of what is actually happening. Of course, try to be realistic about it and make your own conclusions based on the majority of reviews having in mind that people are different and not everybody likes the same things.


Now, this is important when it comes to picking out a type of accommodation based on which type of traveler you are. Nowadays you will find almost anything from a luxury 5-star hotel with a rooftop infinity pool all the way to tiki tends. I know that a lot of places look awesome and they are luring you to click that BOOK NOW button but before you do – think about what you actually need and will use regarding the number of nights you are booking. Of course, that does not mean that you cannot treat yourself (if you can) and book a fancy „icanfitmywholefamilyin“apartment with fireplace and night sky sealing that has a remote control bed, jacuzzi, gym, and room service.

  1. PRICE

Ah, the last but not the least – price. We all have some budget while traveling so why not stop for a second – when you find the accommodation you like on one of the many, many websites – stop and go to the website of that accommodation because booking directly will most often get you the best price. This goes for groups as well because in many cases they will even get a bigger „group discount “.

So now when we sorted this, let s say you are coming to Zagreb. All over the internet, you will find articles and blogs on WHERE TO STAY IN ZAGREB… So not to repeat this topic here, I am just going to give you advice on STAYING IN ONE OF OUR SWANKY ACCOMMODATIONS ? Having in mind about different types of our guests, Swanky offers:


Over the years Swanky Mint Hostel has become the most awarded hostel in Croatia. This renovated dry cleaning and textile-dye factory from the 19th century combines industrial machinery from that time with innovative modern design. Thankfully the time when hostels were considered to be not so clean and nice is behind is and today we can say ( I am stilling my bosses quote ) that the difference between a HOTEL and a HOSTEL is in the letter S – which stands for SOCIAL ?

Except for the above, a couple of years ago we added  Swanky Apartments to our offer – newly renovated apartments in the strict center of the city. Fully equipped they are guaranteeing the comfort and safety of a home. Our guests are apricating the fact that they have privacy but still can contact us if they need anything. Also having a „self-check-in“ procedure allows you to check-in anytime you want.

And when it comes to facilities and extra activities – no fear, we are here ?

  • Breakfast – check
  • Bar with terraces, signature drinks, and awesome bartenders – check
  • A pool during summer – check
  • A variety of tours and activities – check
  • Possibility to rent a bike, car or a longboard – check
  • An inhouse restaurant – check
  • Souvenir shop – check
  • Luggage storage – check
  • Pet-friendly place – check
  • COOL STAFF you can ask for help, hang out with and make friends – check ?