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맞춤형 여행

완벽핚 여행을 직접 계획하세요 – 각 고객을 위해 특별 디자인 제작된 독립적인 투어

일일투어에서 장기투어 까지 – 스왕키와 함께하세요

원하시는 바를 클릭 후 요청을 보내세요 – 최선을 다하겠습니다.


Great tour around the old town. The tour guide was so knowledgable and it was awesome to hear all the stories and recommendations what to do in Zagreb and where to go. We ended up joining their other tour to the Plitvice lakes the next day. Worth the time

Beautiful Zagreb ( Kris T )

I took my friends from Dubai, and we choose Plitvice tour and Barac cave. Iva and Ante (our guides) were amazing and the tour was well organized and super fun. Plitvice are breathtaking and cave was also a lot of fun. Would recommend to anybody! 🙂

Day well spent!( Anela K )

The Swanky Travel group puts on amazing tours catered to tourists that are interested in seeing a little bit of the local side of Zagreb. My tour was led by Iva, a charming and wonderful individual who is truly passionate about Zagreb. She takes you to places a bit off the beaten path and gives you the view of a city that only a person who takes the time to look can see.

Amazing Tour of the city center( bigbenj1108 )

...We were sippin' coffee on the Swanky Monkey Garden terrace and not giving a damn about the fact that our weekend is coming to an end. We did not even finish the coffees when Iva from Swanky Travel was suddenly standing in front of us all bubbly and ready for the trip. Her good mood was infectious and soon we formed a little chatty group wandering through Zagreb, amused. I highly recommend you experience traveling with Swankey. Walking tours? Tours on wheels? Custom tours? They got you covered.

Tour De Zagreb with Iva Swanky( Sindi K )

Our little family went on a weekend getaway to Zagreb during Advent in December. We did the Illusions of Torture walking tour with our guide Nina. Since we have 2 kids, she suggested that maybe the Torture Museum was not the best idea. I respect that she took that into consideration and instead we went to Nikola Tesla Technical Musem. The tour was very interesting, so fun and would recommend to families with kids. We got the info about this tour from tourist office at the main square.

Kids friendly tour ( Darka ZP )